Our History

Our History

Vic and Jayne Grissom, from Central Oklahoma, both have extensive experience in the agriculture industry. Vic graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in AG Education, and worked in the family’s John Deere dealership business for 35 years. Jayne worked for Deere & Co. in Moline, IL, for over 30 years, focusing on improving accounting and business processes at dealerships.

In the summer of 2018, the Grissom family made the decision to sell their 53-year old dealership business, leaving Vic with a challenge to utilize his business acumen and agricultural experience. During this same timeframe, medical marijuana legislation was put to a vote and overwhelming passed in Oklahoma. Vic saw this as a challenge and persuaded Jayne to get into this new medical marijuana market. They flew to Denver to meet with several consulting companies in the marijuana industry. It was there that they made their decision to partner with American Cannabis Company (ACC). See https://americancannabisconsulting.com

The PHARM+HOUSE Advantage

While our personal and professional backgrounds gave us a solid foundation on which to begin, our partnership with ACC has afforded us a very strong competitive advantage. The medical marijuana industry is highly regulated, and the Oklahoma market, in particular, is very immature. ACC has been through the maturation process in other states, giving them a level of expertise and years of experience not found anywhere in Oklahoma. Their partnership with PHARM+HOUSE ensures we are ahead of the curve and prepared for any changes that may occur as the Oklahoma market matures.

We have designed our operation to be vertically-integrated, with a cultivation operation in Eastern Oklahoma and our initial dispensary in Shawnee. Our cultivation site has 9,000 sq. ft. of grow space, and is designed to utilize cutting-edge industry tools and processes, and patented SOHUM™ Living Soil. Phase I of our Shawnee dispensary incorporates an education room and a private patient consultation area. Phase II expands the operation to include an extraction facility. Our employees will be trained by industry experts, ensuring our medical patients will be offered the best solutions for their medical needs. We believe in Education before Medication. Our education room will give our medical patients, and members of the community, the opportunity to learn about the medicinal benefits marijuana. This room includes an observation window into the extraction facility, where consumers can view the extraction process. By extracting the botanical oils from the plant, we can offer a variety of methods for patients to consume CBD and/or THC (the medicinal elements of the plant). We are confident that the more we can educate consumers, the faster we can alter the negative stigma sometimes associated with marijuana, and demonstrate its natural healing properties. If we can increase utilization for pain management, we may also begin to reduce the use of opioids. Long term, we feel this industry can be integral in reducing opioid overdoses and deaths.